by Wendy Campbell RN


A recent lecture by Dr. Santillo, the originator of Juice PLUS+ and the author of Food Enzymes, The Missing Link to Radiant Health, revealed important facts I'd like to share. 

1.  "70% -90% of all medical conditions are diet related."

2.  "Man's desired diet is seeds, nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables."

3.  "The body heals itself when the proper nutrients are available."


Prevention of disease, as well as the relationship between nutrition and disease (specific to long-term, age-related diseases like cancer, heart disease and stroke) are not new concepts�I simply wasn�t particularly interested in them 25 years ago as a young nursing student!  NOW, however, I am absolutely interested in articles like the following.  This research has had a major impact on why I am taking Juice Plus+!  And, since Sept. 11th, the JuicePlus+ Immune system study has taken on new importance.  Read on:


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         1 in 3 Americans will have cancer in their lifetimes; 20 years ago it was 1 in 10!

         The Framingham Study  demonstrated that people who eat 6 servings/day of fruits and vegetables have 44% less risk of stroke; 9 servings/day yields a 66% reduction!

         A large study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), showed that 5 servings/week of green, leafy vegetables cut the risk of macular degeneration, the most frequent cause of blindness in people age 65+, by 43%. 

         The National Cancer Institute recommends 5-9 servings/day of raw fruits and vegetables to help prevent lung, breast, colon, prostate cancers (by 50% or more)! 

         The American Heart Association recommends the same diet to slow down the atherosclerotic process and prevent heart disease and stroke. 

         � YET, 95% of Americans are not getting 5-9 servings of  produce a day!!  And if they were, they would be spending around $5-$15/day on produce. 

         Actually, only $1.77/week is spent by an individual for fruits & vegetables and, worse,  $7.07/week for a family of 4!  (1977; Produce Marketing Assoc. Statistic)    

         And CHILDREN?  1 in 2 will develop heart disease; 1 in 3, cancer!  Degenerative diseases of the aged are now evidenced in children.  ADD and ADHD are on the rise!  WHY?  A study of 3112 children grades 2-6 proved almost � didn�t eat even 1 fruit or vegetable in a day!  FOOD IS FUEL and they are running on empty!




        They need to be RAW because ENZYMES are only found in RAW foods.  Enzymes act as catalysts for the 10,000 functions per second that the cells themselves undergo.  They strengthen the immune system, defy aging and detoxify the body. Cooking (118-122 degrees) destroys the life quality of enzymes.  Meat is cooked, milk/juices are pasteurized, grains are baked and nuts are roasted.  Fruits and vegetables are about the only other sources of enzymes and even then we COOK most of them! 

         VARIETY is important because everyone absorbs nutrients differently, kind of like medications.  Your body may absorb calcium beautifully from broccoli,  but I may need to get it from spinach. Kale is the #1 anti-cancer vegetable and I didn�t even know what it was until recently!  (and when I found out, it was too bitter to eat!)  Since each fruit and vegetable has a unique composition of phytochemicals, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and trace elements, and since most people only eat the five fruits and vegetables they like, they may be missing some important fuel.

          NUTRIENT DENSE SOIL is erratic at best�American AND foreign alike.  Synthetic fertilizer instead of humus, as well as other cost cutting measures, have affected soil conditions.  NO nutrients in soil = NO nutrients in produce!

         Not only does a VINE RIPENED tomato taste delicious, but also the bright red coloring is proportional to the number of phytochemicals within.  It not only creates MORE nutrients, but those nutrients CHANGE so that they are absorbed better.

         Produce needs to be FRESH!  5 days after picking  approximately 75% of the nutrients are lost!  Most (ALL?) of the produce in the market is at least 2 weeks old�some, like apples, may be YEARS old!  FRUITS AND VEGETABLES JUST AREN�T WHAT THEY WERE 20 YEARS AGO!


Juice PLUS+ IS A REAL FOODIt is composed of 17 RAW fruits, vegetables and grains which ARE grown in nutrient dense soil; ARE allowed to ripen on the vine and ARE picked/processed within 1-2 days! It was developed to fill the GAP between the quality and quantity of what you and I ACTUALLY eat versus what we NEED to eat  for health! That's why I am taking Juice PLUS+�...so, why not a vitamin pill?


         Multi-vitamins are FRAGMENTED supplements which ARTIFICIALLY speed up the body causing the  person to "feel" more energetic, but in fact, it is a FALSE sense of energy!  The body identifies these chemically processed "bullets" as foreign bodies which need to be disposed of and eliminated from the body; at a COST of GOOD enzymes and nutrients!  Or, many have an enteric coating, like �shellac�, making them easier to swallow�except that these vitamins leave the digestive system 70% unchanged.  When I was practicing as a G.I. nurse a few years ago, it wasn�t unusual for us to visualize a vitamin pill so clearly, during a colonoscopy, that  you could read the manufacturer�s name on the pill itself! 

         FIBER IS IMPORTANT and Juice PLUS+ added it back!  The #1 complaint of patients to physicians is CONSTIPATION!  Since most of the absorption of nutrients takes place in the small intestine AND the intestine is BLOCKED, malnourishment can result. There are 2 kinds of fiber:  INSOLUBLE AND SOLUBLE.  The insoluble fiber travels through the intestinal tract cleaning and scrubbing the walls, freeing them of the debris which blocks this absorption.  The soluble fiber acts like a sponge  "sopping up" fats and cholesterol as well as assisting with "glucose" transport between blood and cells.  This eases the strain on organs such as the pancreas and gallbladder which, in Americans, are often enlarged from constantly digesting over processed, high fat and cholesterol food!


         Juice PLUS+ is NOT a "miracle drug" with instant "curative" powers. 

         Juice PLUS+ is NOT  a "vitamin supplement" acting like a synthetic stimulant and overburdening the liver and kidneys. 

         Juice PLUS+ IS a Nutritional Support System for obtaining fruits and vegetables!

         Juice PLUS+ HAS Everything Discovered�and not yet Discovered in the field of nutrition and health as well as SYNERGY OF ACTION; all the components work together in nature to complement and enhance each other's performance. 



The German Institute of Sports Nutrition initiated a research study using Juice PLUS+  which definitively proved that the serum (blood) antioxidant levels of participants rose significantly, as much as 2000% in the case of lycopenes,  and, concurrently, there was an incredible drop in serum lipid peroxides--the bad guys, by 75%!  This study was then duplicated through the prestigious American Longevity Association in California and King�s College in Oxford, England, and the results were the same.  These tests are so important that they were published in TWO MAJOR MEDICAL JOURNALSThe American Medical Review, July 1996, Volume 2, as well as Current Therapeutic Research Journal, June 1996, Volume 57, a "Peer Reviewed" publication.


Extremely important recent news is that not only were the following Juice PLUS+ research abstracts presented at the 38th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Cell Biology in December of both 1998 and 1999, but these studies have also been published in peer reviewed journals as well!

1.       Immune Function improves during fruit and vegetable extract supplementation

(Integrative Medicine, Volume 2, Issue 1, edited by Dr. Andrew Weil)

2.       Supplementation with Fruit and Vegetables Extracts reduces DNA damage in the Peripheral Lymphocytes of an Elderly population. 

(Nutrition Research, Incorporating Progress in Food and Nutrition Science, Volume 19, Number 10, October 1999, Editor- in-Chief  R. K. Chandra)

3.       All 3 studies are validated with a �P� Value to the �15: meaning a variable of only 1 person out of 1,000,000,000,000,000 should that test be repeated.

4.       Manufacturing quality control standards of a pharmaceutical, ISO9000, are met 

     despite not being required by law! 

5.       Deemed Pesticide/Herbicide free using Department of Agriculture test methods.


The evidence is overwhelming:  Juice PLUS+ really works!  The body heals itself when the proper nutrients are available by directing energy to specific locations needing the most damage repair.  For instance, arthritis pain in a joint is eased by reduction of swelling. Good nutrition affects body fluid homeostasis!  You may FEEL a difference.  However, the removal of plaque in arteriosclerosis you DON'T FEEL.  You didn't feel it coming and you don't feel it when it is gone.  However, the resultant increased energy felt when blood flow increases (giving more oxygen to the tissues) IS something you will feel--but not necessarily in 1 or 2 months.  It takes a minimum of 3-4 months for new blood regeneration.  REMEMBER, it took your body �X� amount of years to become damaged from processed, dead food ingestion, toxins from polluted air and chlorinated water, cholesterol, fats, hormone rich meats and dairy products!  When you give your body (engine) high octane food (fuel), it JUST MAKES SENSE that it will probably run better down the road.  That's why I am taking Juice PLUS+!


Note that some detoxification symptoms may occur as your body adapts to change.  Just as your body reacts to INCOMING toxins i.e. alcohol, caffeine, and too much sugar, there may be an initial OUTGOING cleansing effect noticed.  Please feel free to call me with questions and I'll consult with our resource physicians, nutritionists and chemists.  JUST DON'T GIVE UP ON GOOD NUTRITION made EASY with Juice PLUS+!



(P.S.  I am taking Juice Plus+ because it makes sense! 

It's like having a prevention health insurance policy!)